Psychiatric Patients Seeking Voluntary Treatment Can Be Denied Hospitalization in Good Faith Even When the Denial Constitutes Negligence

Binkley v. Allina Health System, 877 N.W.2d 547 (2016)

The Minnesota Commitment and Treatment Act (CTA) §§ 253B.04, 253B.23(4) provides that

“All persons acting in good faith, upon either actual knowledge or information thought by them to be reliable, who act pursuant to any provision of this chapter or who procedurally or physically assist in the commitment of any individual, pursuant to this chapter, are not subject to any civil or criminal liability under this chapter.”

Binkley v. Allina Health System, 877 N.W.2d 547 (2016) – a case featuring a suicidal patient – provides a straightforward illustration of this immunity as precluding suits for negligence. Note that this immunity does not apply to cases involving involuntary confinement to a mental institution.

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